Telstra Business Service Level Agreement

(d) in a manner that may affect a customer`s service, Telstra`s network or Equipment, another person`s network or equipment, or Telstra`s provision of services to a customer or another person; Telstra will attempt to notify a customer before Telstra terminates or suspends that customer`s services if reasonably possible. However, any failure to notify a customer does not affect such termination or suspension. Telstra`s Terms and Conditions of Sale are available under (which are not part of our Customer Terms) If you registered for a Telstra Internet Direct service or a Telstra Business Broadband service before July 1, 2009, the terms applicable to your service are set out in Internet Direct and Business Broadband. (d) notify a customer that any further repetition of the activity or behavior results in Telstra immediately term ending or suspending the provision of a service to the customer; and a copy of this manual can be downloaded from For customers who registered for a Telstra Internet Direct service on March 1, 2018 or as of March 1, 2018 Supply and Modifications, Performance, Class of Service, Service Assurance and Special Meanings. You don`t need it – it`s an automatic donation for all Internode NBN broadband services with the Business Pack option. As you know, it is important to protect your computer and all connected networks from higher computer programs (such as viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious programs) and lower-level denial of service (DOS) attacks that can be spread or broadcast over the Internet, including email. It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that the customer has adequate protection for the customer`s systems and to prevent the spread of such programs and attacks from the customer`s computer or networks via the Telstra network. These protection methods can include firewalls, proper directive regarding email attachments, the latest virus scanning software, and more. If you are a small business customer, these terms and conditions of sale apply to you. For every service, you are a small business customer if you do not resell your service and: The Business Pack Service Level Agreement for NBN Broadband defines our commitment to providing a quality service where performance and reliability are the most important requirements. DOT (Digital Office Technology) Prices and TM plans that are no longer available for sale to new or existing customers who want to reassign or add new services. (a) immediately terminate or suspend the provision of a customer`s service; (f) in a manner that attempts to manipulate or circumvent a customer`s service restrictions by any means.

Although Telstra makes reasonable efforts to ensure the security of its network, it cannot and will not guarantee that viruses and other malicious programs will not be disseminated through the Telstra network. In accordance with the Customer Agreement, Telstra is not responsible for any deterioration of the Service, increased downloads, or damage to a Customer as a result of any program that the Customer receives or sends through the Telstra network. Business pack customers will have priority access to our support service. Simply contact us at 13 66 33 and follow the support welcome menu. This ensures that your service issue is reported and resolved as quickly as possible.

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