Settlement Agreement Solicitor Scotland

Your lawyer can help you assess them and determine if the premium in the settlement agreement is fair and whether it is in your best interest to accept it. If you have a very strong claim, you will probably receive much higher notice and vice versa. A transaction contract is simply a legally binding agreement between a worker and his employer to terminate the relationship on terms on which they agree. The creation of the agreement will be through negotiations between the two parties. Unlike other forms of dispute resolution, a settlement agreement can be reached even if a first application has been made to the labour tribunal. Each transaction agreement is unique and designed to match the individual circumstances of the relationship between the employer and the worker concerned. Unlike other forms of dispute resolution, a transaction agreement provides greater security for each party because the end result is achieved through negotiation. Typically, a worker is encouraged to sign a transaction contract by obtaining payment or other benefits (. B, for example, a positive reference) within the framework of the agreement. In any event, if a worker does not obtain in any case more than he is already authorized by law, he generally has no reason, if any, to sign the transaction contract. However, whether it is worth signing for the employee depends heavily on the circumstances.

Make sure you receive a fair offer, now talk to our employment team. Call us or use the form below to send us your data for a chat via your transaction contract. Before you agree to negotiate a transaction agreement, talk to Jones Whyte`s dedicated lawyers. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the best deal for you. Our Glasgow lawyers approach sensitive employment issues with pragmatism and have extensive experience, not only in transaction agreements, but also in labour law. We advise you in making decisions when establishing a transaction contract and will guide you through the process. Your lawyer will ensure that your contract does not have excessive conditions and that you will receive advice tailored to your specific needs. For more information, contact our Glasgow settlement lawyers today on Jones Whyte`s lawyers assist you in the complexity of the transaction process.

We can ensure that the agreement is concluded appropriately and with your best interests at the heart of the decision-making process. There must be a financial incentive for the employee.

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