Are Cooperative Agreements Grants

Important conclusions 1. Grants and cooperation agreements are very similar. 2. The differences lie in the details of implementation (i.e. cooperation agreements are concluded with “substantial participation” by the federal authority). 3. There are also legal implications of these different agreements, so read the agreements carefully and discuss them with lawyers. A practical understanding of each support instrument. From pre-award decision to post-award management, you will study key elements of both grants and cooperative agreements, including the active involvement of the federal licensing body itself. In addition, you have the opportunity to ask your own questions during the Q&A part of the webinar. Cooperation agreements are in many ways similar to federal grants. According to the Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1977 (FGCAA), the primary purpose of both relationships is to transfer the value of federal organizations to public, local, and private organizations.

Cooperation agreements differ from grants in the degree to which federal and non-federal agencies are expected to cooperate after award. Federal stakeholders, who manage a grant, usually have a simple control role as soon as the grant has been awarded, but the contracting body in a cooperation agreement is “largely involved” in the execution of the beneficial public activity. This cooperation is programmatic in nature and can offer benefits (e.g. B technical and technical skills) which would otherwise not be available to the addressee. Ultimately, cooperation agreements provide assistance and establish relationships between the organizations and the sponsor, in which both parties pursue commonly declared goals or activities. In a cooperation agreement, NIJ is an unwavering partner in research efforts. Both cooperation agreements and grants “transfer anything of value from the federal agency or Pass Through to the non-federal agency to fulfill a public purpose.” Prior to advising, Sandra Senior Policy Analyst was an analyst at OMB, where she oversaw the development of guidelines and grants. After OMB and worked sandra in the private sector and returned to government, where she worked as a data manager and senior advisor for grant policy at the Board of Accounting and Transparency Recovery….

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